Who We Are


To be a church which seeks to know Christ, grow strong in Christ, and do exploits for Christ through building a healthy relationship with God, believers, our community and creation.


WORSHIP - building a healthy relationship with GOD

DISCIPLESHIP - building a healthy relationship among BELIEVERS

EVANGELISM - building a healthy relationship with OUR COMMUNITY AND CREATION



  • MATURITY - growing up into maturity in CHRIST.Ephesians 4:13
  • UNITY - building up a spirit of unity among BELIEVERS.
    Ephesians 4:13
  • CHARITY - demonstrating Christ’s charity/love for OUR COMMUNITY AND CREATION. Ephesians 4:15


  • A CROSS[without Jesus on it since he is resurrected] representing Jesus
  • A DOVE - representing the Holy SPIRIT
  • [An open] BIBLE - representing the Word of GOD
  • The Trinity in symbols


  • Be doctrinally pure as well as culturally relevant to our community
  • Maintain unity (not uniformity) and diversity (not division) in church life
  • Facilitate an intergenerational and intercultural church family
  • Develop Church services which are traditional and contemporary in worship style as well as inspiring and enlightening in impact
  • Nurture a CARE GROUP MINISTRY which enables fellowship and one another ministry in a small group context
  • Grow an AGE GROUP MINISTRY which supports the discipleship of Children, teens, Young Adults, Middle Adults and Senior Adults
  • Build up a SERVICE GROUP MINISTRY which equips members to discover, develop and deploy their “SHAPE” in service and missions to God, church and community



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